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Are you really bored with your life and want something new or a change. Life is not about just make money or stay in one place. We human beings evolve for traveling and see new places. Life is all about creating memories with your family, friends or special ones. So, make some time for yourself, start traveling and create memories for a lifetime. Mother Nature crafted our home planet with lots of love; there are lots of amazing natural and man-made marvels which will really amaze you. Let’s take a look at some of these amazing places which you can explore on your next trip. Book your cheap flights tickets with Alaska Airlines Phone Number.


Let’s have a look at some of the most wonderful places in the United States.


Brooklyn Bridge


In early 1800, a need for a bridge between Brooklyn and lower Manhattan became the reason behind the creation of the great Brooklyn Bridge. The design was created by the famous bridge designer of his time John Roebling. The work of the bridge began in 1870 and the bridge opened for public use after 13 years later in the year of 1883. The beauty and historic importance of this man-made marvel made it an important symbol of America. Brooklyn Bridge is the 44 world’s longest main span suspension bridge. Book your Alaska Airlines Reservations to Brooklyn now and save big. The view from the bridge is also breathtaking. Witness yourself of the amazing view and don’t forget to admire the view through your eyes not through the lens of the camera.


Empire State Building


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Empire State Building- the most famous building of Manhattan and the most iconic symbol of New York City. One of the tallest buildings in the world was built in the era of Depression but the fast building process and marvelous engineering amazed the whole nation and the world. The 88 floors of the building were completed in just 14 days with no compromising in the quality which makes this building a pride symbol of proud America. Get ready for your next trip and see the beautiful top view of the city by yourself.


Mount Rushmore


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We all know about the amazing man-made wonder- Mount Rushmore. Situated in the black hills of South Dakota is the perfect example of human race talent. The work of the project started in 1923 and officially completed in 1941. The beautiful sculpture of four presidents of the United States from a single rock is really amazing and seems impossible in it. Every year millions of people see this United States wonder by their eyes.

These are just a few examples of wonderful destinations of the amazing world which you can visit alone or with your loved ones. Book your Cheap Flights at Airlines Alaska Phone Number and be ready to be amazed. Now, what are you waiting for! Be ready, Pack your bags. See you on the other side.